Monday, January 4, 2010

A Challenge...What Are You Looking Forward To?

There is no better feeling than that of accomplishment. When you put in effort to reach a goal and you make it, or you tackle a task that needs doing, the victory comes when it gets done. I ask you if you have put any thoughts towards what you would like to get done this new year?
In 1945, when The Nazi's were finally defeated, my mother had much reason to stop living. After seeking information about her mother's outcome for over 2 years, she knew that it was time to move on and make a life for herself. This was not easy for her to do, but she had to pull up her bootstraps and forge ahead. Her first goal was to get an education as a Nurse and work towards coming to America, the dream her papa had for the entire family. Only Nonna was able to fulfill her papa's dream and she made his wish a reality by taking one step at a time. Nonna knew that it was important to have something to look forward to, to have specific plans that you want to accomplish, no matter how large or small they were. I have learned that it is vital to your soul and mind that you set aside at least two things that you want to look forward to that are just for you. They do not have to be big plans, but pick something that you want to achieve that is only for yourself. It can include doing something for someone else or to give your talents to a cause that means something to you. It may be a vacation or trip that you want to take, or to start a new hobby that you have wanted to do for some time.
Whatever you decide to focus on, make a commitment to yourself that you will make it happen. When the year comes to an end and you look back, you will feel good that you accomplished what was set forth and that will give more meaning to your life. Be blessed this new year and may you have a wonderful time living life.
Love John