Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Feeling A Little Depressed.....

I started off this day feeling a little depressed, when on my way to work I passed a bad wreck. As they were working to free a trapped person, I was thankful it was not me. Then I stopped at an intersection and saw a man sleeping under the bridge with a canvas bag that held his worldly possessions, and I started feeling a little better. Then I passed a hospital that was full of sick people and I thought, I'm glad I was not in there. I then passed a billboard that had a picture of starving children who are waiting on something to eat, poor things were malnourished and crying. As I adjusted my sunglasses, I drove by a happy looking blind man being led by a seeing eye dog, and wondered what on earth he had to smile about. Then, as I turned my air up a little, I passed someone who was changing a flat tire, and man, the sweat was pouring off of them. I then started to straighten my new silk tie and, wouldn't ya know it, I drove past the Goodwill Store. Some lady was going in with her kids and I thought, poor soul. I was almost at my office, when I passed the Courthouse and saw a couple fighting about something and their little girl was crying for them to stop. I thought about another broken family. All of a sudden I had a deep thought..... I was a lucky man! I woke up this morning and could hear the alarm clock, and I could see it was 4:30 A.M. I washed my face with hot water and fixed me a cup of coffee and looked in my refrigerator, and I had food to eat. I dressed in clean clothes and went to my car, that was running fine and had gas. I then drove to my job and remembered how blessed I am to be able to work. I thought about having a loving wife who cares for me and a nice home. That's when it hit me!! I had no reason to feel depressed about my problems, for they pale in comparison to what many other people are dealing with today!! All of a sudden, I decided to make the most of this day I have been given and to never look back!! What about you?

Love John