Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are You Blessed... Merry Christmas

As we celebrate Christmas Eve today, are you truly thankful for all that you have? You have more conveniences and blessings than you can count, a warm shelter to find comfort in, some degree of healthfulness, food in the home and most likely, loved ones surrounding you. People over the years have not been as Lucky as we are today. Many struggles with War, starvation, lost and missing family, and a steep price to be paid for even attempting to celebrate the birth of Christ.
The card shown here was sent to me by Baby Luci, Nonna's precious cousin, who lives in Russia. We are excited to learn that some of Nonna's family managed to survive Stalin and Hitler, and with thanks to " The Secret Holocaust Diaries" we have come into contact with some of her relatives that are still alive! The fact that Nonna's loved ones from a world away could be located after so many years is astounding. My nephew Zach and his friend Bob, made a trip to Konstantinovka this summer and left a few books with Vladimir, a local newspaper reporter, and searched as best they could for links to Nonna's family. After Zach left to come home, Vladimir ran a story asking for anyone with information about this family to please come forward, and with God's guidance someone did and now we can learn more about my dear mother's past life!
Through distress, grief, War, Communism and survival, more of Nonna's life will soon be known. I believe that this is truly our family's Christmas miracle for 2009 and I only have sympathy that for all of those years Nonna was left remembering and wondering what happened, that she did not live to find out and seek out her loved ones. I also believe that God knew what was best for my mother and although finding out this information may have been wonderful for her kids, it very well might have not been good for her.
So my friends, have a Merry Christmas and remember that you are blessed and take a moment to say a little prayer for Nonna.
Love John

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