Monday, February 1, 2010

It's The Little Things That Matter The Most....

When I remember my mother, it is the small things that she did that come to my mind first. The way she could make you laugh with such ease or the special words she could say that gave something a different twist. The kind things that she would go a little bit out of her way to do for others or just enjoying watching a TV show with her. Nonna had a way about her that put you at ease, always making sure you were comfortable and felt at home in her presence. This was who she was, after all that she had experienced in her life, she knew what was important to convey to others and that was to take care of the little things and the good Lord will take care of the rest.
Nonna was very wise to understand that people would remember the little things she did for them years after they would forget about any success or possession that she called her own. She walked this path her entire life and most who knew her will tell you the small stories of their time with Nonna and what an impression she left in their lives. People will forget how fancy your clothes were, how nice your car was and most of what you accomplish for personal gain. They will remember the talks you had with them and the time that you made them feel special and cared for.
As you work towards having a good life, never forget that the people who care about you the most, don't care what kind of car you drive or what job title that you hold. These things are best left to the "Jones's" around your life and you should never focus on that. Do you think for one second that after you have gone on, that your friends will remember what possessions you had? If this is what drives your search for happiness, just lose your status and watch how fast these so called friends will avoid you.
It's the little things that you do that will draw on the warmest of memories, and that my friend, is the cold hard truth!! You are more important for what you give to others rather than what you gather along the way, so, go do a little "nice" for someone who means something to you and do it soon and do it often.
Love John

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