Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Real Treat as Henry Writes A few Words...

I sat down with my dad, Henry, this morning and asked him to share his thoughts on Nonna's book and what has been a very personal experience for him. Here's a few words from Henry:
When I first learned the scope of Nonna's past and all that she had been through, I felt it was important that she write it all down, so that her children first and then the rest of the world, would know her story. After her death in 2004, I set out to find a way for her story to be told, and with God's guidance and me moving to Jackson, Tn. I was able to meet Carolyn Tomlin, a writer and neighbor, who started the wheels in motion to have Nonna's story told.
I thank God everyday that a quality publisher such as Tyndale House would see the value and worth of what Nonna had written, and make my wish come true by publishing her work. It has been almost one year since her book was released and soon we will have a paperback edition as well as foreign editions. I am humbled and amazed, although not surprised, that things are moving so quickly.
I feel honored that her book is beginning to attract worldwide attention and that it is being nominated for awards less than one year after being released. It makes the more than fifty-three years I was married to Nonna come full circle. Her Legacy will live on, hopefully for many generations to come. I guess you could call me a Happy Old Man, because even at 82 years old, dreams do come true.
May God Bless you as he has blessed me,
Henry Bannister

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