Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Mother Was Special......

As I awoke this morning to celebrate my day of birth, my thoughts went to my loving mother. This was a special day for her too. She always had a way of making a big deal out of her children's birthday and did a little bit extra to let us know that we were special and loved.
One year I somehow got a little anxious to have my birthday and I "pushed " the date up by one week. My mother did not know that I made invitations and hand delivered them to all the neighborhood kids for a birthday party. I came up with the idea that if I invited my friends on short notice, the moms would not have time to buy gifts. Well, you realize that children hate to miss a party, so the mothers would have to send them with money instead. What a plan I had come up with as I went door to door inviting my friends to a birthday party that was to happen at 2:00 that day, and since it was already after 12:00, I was sure I would get money from them!
When I got home and told my mom that my friends were coming over at 2:00 for my birthday party, she said " JOHN, you're birthday isn't until next week!" " What have you done to your poor mother?" My mother had to drop what she was doing and go buy a cake and get ready for my party, which she did without saying anything else. I think she found it so funny that her son would pull something like this that she wanted to see the results for herself! Well, at 2:00 on the nose, I had over 20 kids on my patio having cake and Ice Cream. My plan worked to perfection, as most of my friends gave me money.
That was the first year that my mom had to buy a cake instead of making it herself and she reminded me of that day many times. I have had 40 special days since then, but I will always remember my mom for being willing to help me out of the mess I had created that year.
Nonna was always willing to sacrifice for her children and she made sure we knew that we were loved and cared for. As I look back on my life, I can say that I am very thankful and feel blessed to have had the kind of parents that I had and I know that all people have not been as lucky as I.
If your mother is still with you, give her a big hug today and let her know what she means to you. If she is away from you, call her and tell her that you love her. If your mother is walking with Angels, be at peace knowing that she is smiling down upon you!
Love John

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  1. Hi there John,

    I found your blog through Google, when I searched for images of Nonna Bannister. I downloaded her memoir just yesterday and even with two kids and keeping a home, I was enthralled with it and didn't put it down until I came to the very end. I am deeply touched by her story, the horrors she endured--and still remained a very strong person. Just as your ancestors were. I am fairly young and due to reading stories as these, makes me appreciate my freedom and the daily "luxuries" that we take for granted. The ability that I have to raise my children without the fear of horrors suffered by so many--years ago. I choose to never forget lest they suffer in vain. So, I thank you, your family and Nonna for sharing such an amazing story.

    I am a blogger and freelance Journalist and I hope to share this on my blog for many to read. I've shared your mother's book title to my followers on Twitter and it's definitely a book that must be read.