Friday, April 2, 2010

Are You Washed In The Blood?.........

My mother was the strongest person I have ever known. Her will to go onward and do whatever it took to move ahead was evident no matter what adversity was facing her. She had survived an enemy that millions could not overcome. She had beaten the odds and managed to make it to America, the dream that her father had for her. She found her own way to put terrible memories out of her mind and make a new, happy life for, not only herself, but for her entire American family. She overcame poor health conditions several times in her life and would bounce back more determined than ever before to live on.
During WWII Nonna lost almost everything and everybody that she cared for. Her Father was beaten severely by The Nazi's and died in her arms. She was removed from her homeland, never to see it as long as she lived. Her brother, grandmother and entire family left scattered like straw in the wind. Her Mother was taken away on Nonna's sixteenth birthday and placed in The Concentration Camps and she was never to see her again. Even Nonna's name was changed for a period of time to Lena Schultz. All of this occured at the hands of Hitler, Stalin and their henchmen. Earlier I said that Nonna lost almost everybody and everything that she cared for. There were two things that she would not lose. The first was her dignity. Her father had taught her at an early age that no matter what happens to you in life, never lose your kind spirit and inner strength that you are made of. Always carry yourself with dignity, no matter how ugly things get. Nonna learned that lesson and passed it down to her children, for that we are blessed. The second thing that Nonna could not lose was her Soul. You see, her Soul was given to the Lamb of God at an early age, and Jesus had a firm grasp on that Soul, and no one, not even Hitler could take it away from those hands.
I'm not going to preach here, but I will state a fact that I am 100% sure of. If someone came into your life today and told you that they would take care of every bill and debt that you had, no matter how old or how much you owed, how would you feel? That's right, you would forever have total financial security and never want or need anything. Do you think that you would have a Peace come over you? I will tell you that your most ugliest debt has already been taken care of by an innocent Lamb, all of your debts have been washed away by the blood of that Lamb. That Lamb is Jesus Christ and all he asks from us is that we believe with all our hearts that the debts are gone. Nonna had faith in God to see her through the darkest of hours known to mankind, and believe me, she would never have made it without that faith. So, my friends, I have a simple question to ask and that is Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb?
Happy Easter
Love John

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  1. I have been washed in the blood of the lamb, John! I am so very thankful for that! The thankfulness is beyond words!!!!

    I love reading your blog. Your mother was an amazing amazing woman. I can't wait to read more! :)