Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lest We Forget...........

Lest We Forget.... Sixty Five years ago today at 3:15 P.M. the prisoner took control of Buchenwald Concentration Camp from their torcherers. The clock on the main Guard building stopped and even now shows that exact time. Many of the Guards, realizing the end was near, fled into the woods in an attempt to flee. When the American Soldiers arrived a short time later, they were sickened and in disbelief as to what their eyes were showing to them. A day or two after the camps liberation, Harry Snodgrass, a twenty three year old soldier from Tennessee, was given a tour of the camp by a Lithuanian prisoner who could speak broken English. Snodgrass recalled " I went into the commanders office and there were lampshades made from the skins of Jews. Near the Crematorium, they used the ashes of prisoners to fertilize the fields- the ashes of dead people. After an hour, it just became too much- I was stunned, just stunned. We don't even treat dogs like that."
UNTERMENSCH- The German word that means inferior people of poor quality and of little importance, value or merit.... SUBHUMAN! That's right, the Nazi's had that mindset about both Jews and other races that were not Aryan.
To any living survivors that have not shared what happened to them, I tell you that NOW IS THE TIME. Nonna realized that she was getting old and her health was failing and she owed it to her husband, children and the rest of the world to share her stories. Not for any self gain, but so that the world would know and remember that evil must be stopped, that this dark period of mankind should never be allowed to fade away. She knew that History has a way of repeating itself. Was it easy for her to get these horrors out of her soul? NO. It was the hardest thing she had ever done, but she felt obligated to share them so that they would never again occur.
Hitler was defeated and deniers today must also be defeated. It takes courage to face evil head on, but you must find a way to tell us while you still can, Lest We Forget.
Love John

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