Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Little About Henry....

As I write this tonight, my father Henry, is in the fight of his life. He is very sick and in Intensive Care and is really doing his best to survive. This man has had a great and long life and he is aware of that. I have had the true pleasure of being with him almost everyday for the last several years, being his son, friend and caretaker. What a joy he has been and I am very thankful that I had this time. I have also had the chance to talk about what happens next for him as he struggled with being ill. He was very clear what his beliefs and wishes were and that he was comfortable in his faith if he was called home. Henry has earned the right to maintain his dignity and to know that he is loved by his family, and he deserves to be comfortable if this turns out to be his time.
What I know is that Henry Bannister has lived the way a man should for a lifetime. He was a wonderful son, a caring and loving husband for fifty-three years and fifty-three days. He raised three children and is a supportive and teaching father right up until today. He is loved and adored by his grandchildren, nieces and nephews. He is admired by people he has worked with and known for many years. He has lived his life the correct way, from his work ethic and his compassion and caring way he has handled problems that he has faced.
My father taught me years ago that a man's reputation will follow him, whether it is good or bad, and to be careful how you carry yourself through life and always treat others with the respect and integrity that you want to be treated yourself. He taught me that doing the right thing and not looking for the easy way was the best policy. He taught me that I should pour my passion into whatever I was attempting and to always give my all. Dad, I have tried my best to live my life as you have taught me to and you were a wonderful example to follow. For this I can thank you and tell you that your advice was solid, and although things in society change, the basic lessons of life are the same.
Tonight I pray for you to have peace and to do your best to recover, but I also say that if you can't make it, it's okay, you have earned the rest. You are loved by many and are a very special man! I love You!
Love John

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