Monday, October 19, 2009

Did You Make The Most Of Your Gift?

As the sun sets on another day, did you make the most of the gift that you received? That's right, we were all given a gift from God by having another day to live. It seems too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday living, trying to just get through another day and impatiently wait for the weekend to arrive, that most people overlook the most precious gift we have been given, the gift of now.

For way too many people, now is all they have. They are suffering from illness or maybe nearing the end of their lives. Most have few regrets when asked would they change much in their lives if given the chance. Most would take more time to reflect on the little things that occurred day to day and most would relish the time spent with loved ones as the most important. Not many would mention the career that they pursued or the money they earned. Why is this? My guess is because they rate low on the list of memorable times when compared to the little things. I'm not telling you to quit chasing that rainbow, just understand that the purpose of the lives we lead should be in a particular order. God first, family and loved ones second and money third. Any deviance from this will get you out of sync, and you can not be totally fulfilled.

When Nonna was on the Cattle-Car leaving Russia, she watched as the sun began to set over her homeland. She spoke of how it was the most amazing sunset that she had seen up to that point in her life. Nonna did not know what was going to become of the situation that she found herself in, but she talked later about that sunset, and down inside she felt like she would never again go home. It was the closing of a chapter in her life, filled with many good and many painful memories and the beginning of an unknown future. What Nonna came to realize was that every day was a gift, no matter how it came wrapped. She decided to trust in her faith and live each day going forward to the maximum, thanking God for each new sunset that would come her way.

I hope that today's sunset finds that you made the most of your gift and that you will continue to find blessings in your future sunsets!!!

Love John

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