Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who Would You Die For....Who Would You Live For...

We have all probably loved so deeply before that we have thought we would do anything for that person, even die for them. I'm here to tell you that that would be the easy way out. Yes, if you love someone or something as much as to be willing to die for them, I have a question for you. Why don't you live for them instead. That's right, the hard part is the living.

As I was walking down the beach this afternoon and the sun was beating down, I was caught up in watching the waves continuously come in and recede back out to sea. No two were alike as they rolled upon the beach, leaving little crabs and shells behind as they disappeared. The thought hit me that people are just like these waves. All of us are different in some manner, and although we sometimes seem similar, we are all unique. At that time is when I wondered how many of us truly dedicate our all to the ones who matter in our lives? Do we just sort of appear with the tide, then fade in with others? Or do we place family and loved ones above everything that seems to be important in each life?

When death was an easier option for Nonna, she chose to live instead, to carry on and create a lasting impact on those that she met. Nonna picked the hard road when faced with the loss of all that she knew and started over, determined to live on. She lived her entire life for her husband, children and loved ones, so that she would make a difference to them. And what a difference she made for us all.

The lesson that can be learned by Nonna's life is the secret to true happiness. We must chose to LIVE for the ones who matter to us. I ask you, are you living to those you care about?

Love John

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