Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Your Eyes Are The Windows Into Your Soul

There are things that can be seen in a person's eyes. I want you to take a close look at Anna's eyes in the picture above, so warm and loving they appear to be. The eyes that saw too many horrible deeds in her lifetime to mention. The eyes that saw love that was deeper than any ocean. The eyes that nurtured and loved her children in the best and hardest of times. The eyes that offer you a window into her soul.
Nonna would spend countless hours sitting in this window, gazing out and wondering what was next for her. She longed to see the eyes of her mother, to feel her embrace and to be together once again. She also knew that her life was to be forever changed, not knowing what each day would hold for her as she sat in this window and prayed silently for answers.
Nonna had choices to make, choices that could not have come easy for her. She had to reach deeper inside her being than at any time in her young life, she had to find strength to pick up the pieces and move on. This strength Nonna found was in her Faith, her inner most belief that God was good, no matter what she had faced in the past.
If you are at a moment in your life when you are looking out of the window, wondering what is next for you, try Faith. Nonna was correct that her God was a good God, that by allowing him to lead her next steps was the best answer. It is only human to wonder about our future, just don't doubt what God puts before us, for he truly has a plan for us all. You see, through adversity comes wisdom and strength that goes all the way into our souls. When you grasp this faith like Nonna did, God will walk with you in every step of your life.
May you open your eyes so that others can truly see your soul!!!!
Love John

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