Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hug Your Mom Today..........

The picture above is Nonna and her dear Sister-in-law Rosa. Nonna loved Rosa like a soul sister and they shared many happy times together and, for them, the focus was always on the family. Nonnitchka and Rositchka, as they fondly called each other, were very special moms that their children were lucky to have.

I can remember once when Nonna had back surgery, which at that time, was a very invasive and painful procedure, coming home from the Hospital and starting her recovery. I had come home from school a couple of days later, and I went to her bedroom to give her a hug and to see if she needed anything. Mom was sitting at her sewing machine, in obvious discomfort, but steadfastly working the peddle. There she was, making a dress for Elizabeth. I told her that she should not be up and she had better get back in bed, when she replied, " No, I have to finish this dress for your sister first, I've been sewing on it all day". One word comes to my mind all these years later, Sacrifice!

I was lucky to have a mother that was willing to put herself behind others in her life. Her husband and children always came before her own interests. Doing this seemed to really satisfy her and we just reaped the benefits of her loving ways. I miss talking to my mother. I miss hearing her calm and wonderful voice. I miss giving my mother hugs. I miss Nonna.

If you would be so kind as to remember Rosa in your prayers today, as she struggles to recover from a stroke, I will be grateful, and Nonna would thank you. If you are lucky enough to still have your mother with you, Give her a big hug today from Nonna!

Love, John

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