Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drinking Tea With Nonna.....

The patches to the left were drawn by Nonna to depict those that victims and prisoners were forced to wear by the Nazis. These were worn to allow the Germans to identify the prisoners that were being targeted for both labor and extermination. I am deeply moved by the "tears" that Nonna added being drops of blood. Think hard about what this must have implied in mom's memory. Tears representing all of the sadness that wrought that part of the World during WWII. The loss of life along with the separation from loved ones. The lack of food and nutrition that caused sickness and death. The tears for the sounds of War and it's effects on living. Then, there is the blood. Yes, Nonna added the blood to each patch to show the brutality that thrived in conquering innocent people and dehumanizing those that were targeting. First, remove their weapons so that they may not up rise, then kill their spirit by the lack of food and savagery acts. Separate the women from the men so that each would feel weak and suppressed. It worked for a while, as most of the World stood by and watched.

The fact that this was allowed to be carried out with such little resistance really makes me wonder why. Why was this annihilation not stopped sooner? What kind of person could survive these most unspeakable acts and live a normal life? How do you overcome the total loss and separation from your family? Only God and those who managed to do this can have the true answer. My mother was one of these special people and she found a way to regain hope within her heart. You see, once you lose hope, you have nothing left! You must believe that all tides will turn, that the storm you may be experiencing will not last! You must reach deeper inside your soul than you ever have and find a little corner to find comfort in. Nonna did this and she is to be commended for doing so.

If you could sit down with Nonna over a cup of Tea and lay your burdens out to her, what do you think she would say? Nonna would tell you that you have much more to be thankful for than you have to worry about and that you should remain steadfast in your hope. Don't lose hope! She may also give you a hug and comforting smile. I bet things would begin to improve for you at that very moment. Life is good, no matter what besets us along the path, and if you believe in yourself just a little, you can begin to see just that! Enjoy that cup of tea and little talk with Nonna and make the most of your days!!

Love John

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