Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Kind Of Seeds Are You Planting?.....

Some people have a unique ability and way about themselves to make those around them feel special. It is a God given talent that comes very natural for them. They have a way of radiating a room with their presence that can be hard to explain, but it is easy to feel. Nonna and Henry's Aunt Faye, were both these kinds of people. In the picture are Nonna and Faye, and if you take a good look at them, you see the warmth they created. I could give them both a huge hug about right now, and I know from experience that things would seem better almost immediately.
Nonna would really look forward to paying Aunt Faye a visit and I believe that they shared a lot of close talks and memories during those times. Faye had witnessed enough of life to be able to relate to Nonna and they loved to spend hours just sitting and drinking coffee and talking, catching up on the kids and grandkids, what was happening in the world and planning a good meal. I have a lot of pictures of my mother and my Aunt Faye, but I like this one the best because they both look so happy and vibrant in this shot.
I want you to think about a certain someone in your life that can make the pains and problems disappear, to make you feel good about yourself and to make you feel loved. I pray that you have thought of such a person and that you have had this experience of Joy. What makes them so priceless is that they put others ahead of themselves. They are not greedy and rarely show that they have needs. It is always about making you the focus of their attention and affection. Its about loving you enough to give the best gift possible, themselves.
Are you lucky enough to be this kind of person? Do you ever make an extra effort to be someone else's rock? Do you share your eyes, ears and heart openly with others? I ask you what kind of seeds are you planting in your garden of life? It is never too late to sow a garden of memories that will last well after you exit from earth, memories that give others a warm feeling when you come into their mind, memories like those Nonna and Faye left behind. You can do it!!
Love John

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