Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Are You Free??

As we celebrate Veteran's Day on this November 11th 2009, all who live in freedom should be thankful. Thankful to all of the brave and mostly young soldiers who have answered the call over the years to capture and retain freedom. Many paid the ultimate sacrifice by spilling their blood on foreign soil so that people in America and around the world could be free. This fact was never missed by Nonna, after all, she had witnessed just how valuable being free really is and she knew what not having freedom was all about. She lived being held against her will, and being exposed to true inhumanities being carried out by those that want to extinguish the very core of moral aptitude. Nonna understood what it was like to seek refuge from bombs falling and to watch helplessly as evil plodded on. She also knew what it felt like to see freedom fighters come in and rescue others, to witness barbarism being defeated. For this reason she held a special place in her heart to be a Patriot to her new homeland, America.
The day that Nonna earned her citizenship in America was a day of deep felt thanks and a true understanding of just how priceless freedom is. She knew that, although priceless, it came at a huge cost to those who served to allow her the privileges she now enjoyed. Because of the Soldiers that served in WWII, she could live without bondage. She never forgot what this meant to her.
And so the World moves on and evil exists, it is because of the brave men and women that protect us today can we live as we wish. That, my friends, you must never forget and most of all, you must never take for granted. May God bless America and keep his watch over all of Freedom in the World, and may God bless and keep our troops safe.
Love John

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