Monday, November 23, 2009


As we begin this week of Thanksgiving, each and everyone of us has much more to be thankful for than we probably realize. Here's a few things to list. Our health should be number one as we lift our heads up in prayer. Although you may be struggling with health issues or pains, it could always be worse. Number two is a bed to sleep in and a roof over our heads, some people do not have this often unthought about convenience. Number three should be loved ones in our lives. Whether it is family or friends, it is comforting to have caring people around us. Number four, we should be thankful for having food, often too much to pick from, each and everyday. Number five should be freedom, the fact that we can come and go as we please and that we live in a country that allows us to worship as we want to.

Nonna was a big fan of Thanksgiving, spending hours preparing and feeding her family. It was a special day to her for many reason, including those listed above. We may not be able to choose what happens in our life at times, but we all can choose how we react to each situation. We have the ability to shrivel up and wither away or we can bloom where we are planted. We can all choose to be a positive influence on those we come into contact with and make a difference in their day. We may lose every person or material item that we know, but as long as we keep our Faith and Soul, we can survive. I am thankful for my mother and although I miss her very much, I will choose to keep her spirit alive inside my heart. Be thankful for your blessings this week and carry that feeling with you each day of your life.

Love John

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