Friday, November 6, 2009

Magic Happens Around The Fireplace....

It is true that magic happens around the fireplace. Nonna loved being near a roaring fireplace and having her loved ones nearby. My Guess is that however symbolic this may have been to me at that time, it meant a whole lot more to her. I'm sure that memories of her youth and happy times in Russia flooded her mind when she would look at the fire. She could sit for hours and enjoy her tea as the logs burned away, remembering stories that she had been told about old Mother Ruskia and her grandfather, Jacob the Cossack. Smelling her Babushka's homemade bread and special meals as the cooked. Perhaps hearing her mother sing or play her Violin, as the family was gathered around. The fire served multiple purposes, to cast a warmth over the house in the deepest and coldest winters that hit that part of the world. Cold enough to make Chicago in January feel tropical in comparison. The fireplace was a central point of gathering where grandmothers and dads would share stories of yore and teach children about life...... I can only imagine what mom could recall as she enjoyed her fireplace. It must have seemed quite magical to Nonna as a young girl, yes magical.

The fireplace creates warmth, comfort, safety, light, tales and magical memories that last a lifetime. My question to you today is are you seen as a fireplace to those around you? Do they thaw out and seek you for warmth and comfort? Do you offer someone the light that they can not find from anyone else? Are you creating magic in someones mind that they will carry memories of for a lifetime?

We should really try to be this way towards those that we love and care for, to make a special effort to be like a fireplace in their lives, to be magical when they look back on you later in life. We do have a choice how we want others to remember us once we are gone. and you must not allow everyday burdens to cast a "douse" on your flame. Do you think that whatever bad has happened in your life in the last week will have any lasting impact on the future? So go out and be a Fireplace to those around you, what are you waiting for?

Love John

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