Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

September 22, 1943 was a day Nonna never would forget. After all, don't most people have vivid memories of their 16th birthday? It's cake and presents and well wishes for most of us, but it was a little different for Nonna. You see, that was the morning the Nazi's took her mother from her and she never saw her again after that morning. The Germans called for Anna to appear before them in the Headquarter building, a building that had two concrete Lions guarding the front steps. The prisoners referred to this building as the Lion's Den, because anyone who was called to this place, did not come out alive. All because of hatred, a hatred that cuts all the way to the bone, a hatred that manifests and grows with evil. To truly hate something is much different than to not like it. Hate means that it's detested, that it turns your stomach, that it controls you from deep inside.

Nonna had every reason to feel this hate, but she chose a higher ground. She knew that to hate would only make her a bitter person and would literally poison her soul. Now I know that sounds extreme, but my friends, it is a fact. Forgiveness was the only road Nonna could take and she learned this lesson early in life from her father. He must have been a very wise man. Nonna used to say " No one is perfect, and we all have our faults, but make the best of things that you can, and remember, don't hate anyone!"

If you are having problems dealing with hate, you are in chains. Forgive those that you harbor these feelings towards and think about Nonna. If she can forgive those who took the only person in the world she had left, don't you think that you can? Happy Birthday Mom!!

Love John

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