Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Little Get Away

The war was all around, bombs were screaming down, death was all around and Nonna was trapped in the worst possible way, she was trapped both physically and mentally. Her mother had been taken from her and her world had been turned completely upside down. She must have felt totally lost during these times. Although her spirit shook, it did not break. How is this possible, you ask? There is but one answer and that is when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable state, is when God's presence is cast upon us like a warm light.
When times are good and things are going well, most of us don't give God much thought. We may say " thanks" to God, but not in the same way as we call on him during a crisis. But the good news for us is that God understands us and he will provide comfort to those who are suffering. The postcards above prove that God was with Nonna and he did give her a haven during her storm.
This little Gazebo, or as Nonna calls it, Apollo, was her place to get away. She spoke about this spot many times and it was there that she felt safe. She would spend hours dreaming and writing her thoughts in her diary in this location. As I look at the picture of the Gazebo, I can almost see Nonna sitting there, pondering her life and expressing her fears and thoughts on paper, writing each sentence in a different language so that few could understand what she thinking. That was a pretty profound idea for a young girl, don't you think?
God gave Nonna this Gazebo as her place of refuge, and he was right there with her. He offers the same to us today. God will protect you no matter what you are dealing with, you just have to have faith and call on him. Take a moment now, when things are going good in your life, and really let God know that you feel his presence and are thankful for his love. Let him know that you feel it!
Love John

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. My family is from Yugoslavia/Austria. Most of my family made it out before the war but some did not. Praise G-d for his faithfulness.