Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kill Them....... With Kindness

Do you ever wonder why some people have to be so cold, bitter, and condescending when they react with others? I believe that we must try extra hard, to reach deep inside ourselves, to find a way to have sympathy for them. This is important because we all should have a forgiving heart, but equally important is that anyone who acts this way, must be missing something in their lives and must feel that pain daily.
Nonna's attitude was to "Kill them with kindness". She not only talked this talk, she also walked this walk. You see, Nonna had learned all about people's behavior and she could see straight through any mask. I have never known anyone who was as perceptive as my mother. She learned the hard way about other's actions and knew how to deal with it. First, she would forgive them, not for them, but for own conscious. Then she would feel sad for these types and would try to be as sweet as she could when dealing with them. She also would remember their hurting when saying her prayers. Nonna believed that life was a gift, but some had not taken the time to open the pretty paper and see what was inside. She took the time to enjoy her beautiful grandchildren ( Picture of Nonna holding her third grandchild and her first grandson, Zach ) her wonderful family and the simple things. Things like her sense of smell, her ear for soft music, sipping her hot tea, and having a clean house.
Nonna did not have time for bitterness or hard feelings, because she knew that it will destroy, not the target aimed at, but the deliverer, and she chose to be happy in life. I encourage you to smile upon someone else by giving them a complement or reach out to an old friend you haven't seen in a while. You may never realize what your kind word or deeds mean to others, so wake up tomorrow and " Kill Them With Kindness"
Love John

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