Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Remembering Nonna

Nonna loved classical music and would listen to it almost daily. It seemed to relax her and put her mind at ease. I now wonder what she may have been thinking about as she listened. She may have been thinking of her happy childhood, or wondering about her brother and if he survived, or thinking of her father and missing her family.

As most people go about their daily lives, caught up in the rush of the world we live in, how often do we stop and give thanks for the small things that are in our world? Things like the freedom to eat when we want to or that we have a comfortable bed to sleep in. How often do we truly feel loved by those that we have around us? A lesson my mother taught me is that life is short, so make the most of every day. That you can not dwell on the past, but rather learn from it and live for today, because it is ours to enjoy.

Nonna had many reasons be a bitter and lonely person if she chose to, and after learning about her trials in life, few could blame her. Instead she chose to be as happy as possible, to forgive those who did her wrong and to keep her faith in God. This is what allowed her to live her life to it's fullest and to be such an inspiration to others. We can all learn from this sweet lady!

John Bannister

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