Monday, September 21, 2009

Lesson's In Life From Nonna # 2...Face Your Adversity !!

Lesson in life from Nonna #2 deals with Adversity. It is much easier to find blame for things that do not go our way, than it is to face the reality that we must deal with those things. Sure, the fast way out is to say " oh well, if this had not happened or if that person would have done things differently, I would not be facing this issue now". This is simply a bad way to deal with problems, sort of "Stinkin Thinkin" and we should all be stronger than this.

Nonna developed a degenerative back problem early in life. She was in constant pain and suffering with pinched nerves. To anyone who has had these issues, we can understand about the difficulty moving, walking and at times even sitting. In 1967, she underwent numerous tests and eventually, two surgeries at Oschner's Clinic and spent over 13 months in the hospital. Nonna recovered and began living her normal life again, until her back condition appeared once more. More pain and sleepless weeks, until she was placed in the hospital once again. After several weeks with no improvement, doctor's advised Nonna she could not be helped and that she may have trouble walking again. BIG MISTAKE! Nonna knew she had faced situations much tougher than this and no one breathing would make this decision except for her. She prayed and reached deep with-in herself and chose to fight, something she had experience doing, and once again got better. Nonna's attitude was, this is my life and I chose to make it the best life I can for myself and for those that I love, so, adversity, you better get out of my way!!

I can hear some of you saying, "Yeah, it sounds so easy, but it will not work, not for me, anyway. Well, it is not easy and Nonna knew this, but she was taught from an early age that giving in was not the answer, that when times are tough, you must have faith and a sense of perseverance, and most of all, to hang in there when others give up. That my friend, is called GUMPTION!

With God on your side and your own effort, no mountain is too steep, no river is too wide, no wind is too strong and no problem is to large. Nonna was a big believer that our Creator will never put more on us than we can handle, so face up to your adversity, and no matter what it is, be strong.

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